Work At Home University Review

Name: Work At Home University A.K.A. Work At Home Revenue and WAH EDU

Website: presently inaccessible

Price: $ 97.00

Owners: Michelle Withrow a fictitious person

Overall Rank: 00 out of 100

Work At Home University, Product Overview

at is Work At Home University a.k.a Work At Home Education or Revenue ?

Well, being a victim myself I can tell better than anybody else what kind of scam Work At Home University is. Way back in 2013, I came across a very clever advisement that promises a quick rich scheme without requiring skills and much of your time. What makes me believe it to be real one was the banner ads in their advertisements bearing logos of reputable companies such as: CNN, FOX NEWS, abc, USA TODAY, and MS NBC. Another thing that convinced me into signing up was a single mom’s testimonial who introduced herself as Melissa Mayer claiming to have achieved financial freedom at the comfort of her own home just using laptop and minimal amount of her time. Using scarcity marketing principle, the ads makes me believe that offer will be lasting only up to certain period, specifically in my location in the Philippines, cause me to rush and sign up.

Upon Signing-Up In The Program

After signing up in this program for $ 97.00, I was feeling excited believing that I can achieve easily financial freedom as promised in the print advertisement. Like other legitimate programs, upon logging in to the member’s area, I was walked through into a series of introduction videos to the subsequent videos about internet earning strategies that were allegedly unique and can only be found inside WAH EDU member’s area. On top of the introduction videos you can see few success stories print testimonial which you have no way of verifying its real existence.

Another Hype

Just after finishing the introduction videos and before starting the alleged proper training you will be hyped into buying too expensive separate services that will provide a ready-made website to guarantee success in the program.

Video-Based Training

Inside the member’s area you will be provided with several videos comprised of different strategies for internet business opportunities. The videos were created by a male who pretends to be a successful internet marketer. This person introduced himself as Sean Gallagher. He even includes a video interviewing several successful internet marketing personalities.

Topics On The Video Training

The videos are focused on the strategies of link posting which promises earning money even without website, I tried myself to implement the teachings but I can’t figure out how it can be started in real business. Not able to realize any benefit on the videos on link posting, I continued viewing on the other videos concerning strategies for other internet business opportunities, such as;

  • Creating Website
  • CPA Marketing
  • Target Audience Research
  • Social Media
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Video Marketing
  • Drop Shipping

Personal Experience For Joining This Program

After exhaustive effort of study on the above-mentioned video based training, I found myself in the dead-end, no way of getting started to implement in real business. To make matter worst, at the end of these videos you will be presented with another up-sell, this time with a more advanced course worth $ 197.00. Imagine, after getting no benefit in their beginner’s course, the persons behind this scam have the guts to hype their unwitting victims to another scam. Finally, I realized that I was victimized by scam when I woke up day, having no more access to the member’s area. The persons who architect of this scam deserve to be put behind bars, to minimize the opportunity of luring more innocent victims.

Benefit of Being Victimized Of Scam

Being victimized by scam, did not die down my enthusiasm of looking for legitimate program online that will bring result in my pursuit of having real online business. This time it makes me wiser in selecting business opportunities. It took me several years of searching for online reviews upon reviews of different online business opportunities, until I settled down here, a program that stand out from the rest, recommended by several successful internet marketer. To avoid experiencing being victimized of online scam, like what happened to me, click here and join the program for free.

Advantages For Signing Up At Work At Home University

  • After joining Work At Home University, you will realize that you are one of those who fall prey as victim of online scammer, this time you will become wiser on avoiding same scheme, and you will end up in a legitimate online business opportunity. Try signing up here for free. Being free, you have nothing to lose, but you have everything to gain.
  • You will promise to yourself that you will never become a scam victim again for the second time. Hence, you will scrutinize every offer you come across with.

Disadvantages For Signing Up Work At Home University

  • You will regret why you did not exert extra effort to make research and careful study before joining this program.
  • Joining this offer, will waste you money and effort, without gaining any benefit at all, but only frustration and anger.

Who is Work At Home University for ?

Definitely, no one deserves to be a victim of this scam

Work At Home University Tools & Training

Signing up, this program to will have access to the following video-based training;

  • Creating Website
  • CPA Marketing
  • Target Audience Research
  • Social Media
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Video Marketing
  • Drop Shipping

Viewing the videos, you will find yourself that the quality of the training is very low value and realized that the trainings are not applicable in the real online business. When it comes to the tools, you can’t even find any single tool in the training that could be used in the real online business .

Work At Home University Support

At the member’s area you can find a support button where you have to click to submit ticket for any concern, but when you try to submit your concern you will receive no answer at all. There is no community to help you answer your queries, nor the owners of the program themselves.

Work At Home University Price

At entry level one time membership: $ 97, then up-sell with an expensive ready-made website at the end of video based training you will be offered with a more advanced program worth $ 197.

My Final Verdict of Work At Home University

After being victimized of this scam, I continued looking for several reviews of this program and I found out that the owners are using different descriptive titles of the program such as; Work At Home University, Work At Home Revenue and Work At Home Education, with one similar scheme and objective in mind to victimize unsuspecting innocent victims who are looking to make money online, with minimal time and effort.

Therefore, anybody should avoid this program as this is a one hundred percent scam that will cost your money and a waste of your time and effort.

If you are really serious in the pursuit of looking for a proven best online business opportunity you can avoid the possibility of being a victim of scam by joining me here at this program for free.

2 Comments on “Work At Home University Review”

  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your experience of this scam, and I’m sorry to hear you had to be victim to this.

    At the very least, this program is no longer accessible, so no one else can fall prey to it.

    But unfortunately there are other scam products out there, and it’s great to see someone like you providing reviews of different programs to help us find the ones that are legit.

    Now that WAH university is no longer available, what program would you recommend instead, for anyone looking to earn an income online?

    Thank you

    1. Hi, Stephanie I’m glad you appreciate my review and take an effort to leave a comment. With regards to your question as to what program I would recommend for anyone looking for legitimate income online, Wealthy Affiliate stands out from the rest of other legitimate programs.



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