Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Websites and Programs

Top 5 Affiliate Programs


In creating Affiliate Marketing online business, you have to start with acquiring skill how to have your own website, find a niche, create content and find affiliate programs to find relevant products to promote.

Once, you have already a website with niche content your next job is looking for reliable affiliate programs to promote relevant products.

In this post I’m going to walk you through each of the top 5 affiliate marketing websites and programs.

1. ShareASale Affiliates

Is one of the first ever affiliate program to launch sometime in year 2000, for 18 years now, this affiliate program still continues improving its affiliate program. In January 2017, ShareASale was acquired by a global affiliate network Awin to provide further international opportunities for local publishers.

It is known in the industry as honest, transparent, customizable and user-friendly affiliate programs. It simplifies process to accommodate newcomers and newbie publishers.

What makes this affiliate program stand out from its competition is that it has plenty of relevant products to promote, wide product selection and flexible payout selection.

It is easy for a publisher to sign up which consists only of five steps which involves setting up username and ID, website information, email address contact information and account or payment information.

2. Amazon Associates

Is one of the first online marketing programs which was launched sometime in 1996. Its sellers make money by advertising products from and its subsidiaries, such as and

Website owners and bloggers who are associates earn referral fees by creating links to products, and customers click through those links and buy products. It’s free to join and user-friendly. Its control panel is easy to promote affiliate products as well as tracking of earnings.

It has a variety of products to promote, associates can freely choose from nearly two million products on sale in the site and more being added to each category every single day.

You can easily customize and be able to choose how your ads are displayed be it a contextual links, banner ads or widgets.

Since Amazon is so popular it means customers won’t worry in making online purchase , therefore it means easy conversion on your part as an associate. Your prospect might even already have their respective Amazon accounts set up which make their purchase more convenient upon landing on the product page.

Another cool thing with Amazon Associates is that it has a low minimum payout, when your commission reaches more than $ 10 you can request payment through direct deposit or Amazon gift card. However, if you want payment by check the minimum balance should not be less than $ 100.

3. eBay Partners

eBay is one of the largest online shopping and auction site at present which has millions of customer anytime of the day. Of course, it has its own affiliate called as eBay Partners Network

Its popularity and vast numbers of existing customers make an affiliate easy to convert traffic into a buying customer, which means that if you are an affiliate you have access to millions of product listings from different categories which you can promote in your website and make money when someone purchase from your link. Nothing can surpass its diversity in the industry.

It has the most straightforward affiliate sales process, no strict rules to abide. By just sharing your link for the listing you will earn commission if someone purchases the product through your link.

Being an affiliate or partner you will earn percentage of eBay’s revenue every time you send someone to eBay who purchase within 24 hours even it auctions take up to 10 days to end.

Affiliates can potentially earn 50 to 70 percent of eBay’s revenue depending on category of item being purchased.

Payment of affiliate commissions are done monthly after reaching the required minimum amount of $ 10. Such payment can be viewed on your account dashboard. One great thing about this affiliate network is that it supports Pay Pal which other popular affiliate programs do not have.

4. Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is an eCommerce company founded in 2006, which is simple but effective. As proof of success, it has now more than 245,000 stores. It provides business owners an ability to have their own websites where they can buy and sell products. This platform provides user-friendly tools and built-in security features for retailers who want to have their own affiliate program.

Shopify has four different plans for its customers to choose, first is Shopify lite for $9 per month. Second is Shopify Basic for $ 29 per month. Third is Shopify regular plan for $79 per month . Fourth is Shopify Advanced for $299 per month. Fifth is Shopify plus, where you to have to contact sales team to get pricing.

As an affiliate you can earn an average of $58 for each user who signs up for a paid plan with unique referral link and $ 2,000 for each Plus referral

You can join Shopify Affiliate program by creating an account on Shopify Affiliates, to which you will be provided with special link to Shopify which you can promote in blogs social networking sites, such as ; Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Once, a customer signs up for Shopify through your link you will start earning.

There are three ways to earn money in Shopify Affiliates; First through referral where you can earn up to 20% monthly for each customer you refer. Second through Theme/ Templates sales, through which you can earn 70% for each theme you sell in their theme store. Third is Mobile App sales, wherein you can earn up to 80% for every app that you can sell through App Store.

The great thing of being a Shopify affiliate is that you will be provided with resources and platform to promote Shopify, such as; Monthly Affiliate Newsletter where upcoming events, products updates are being highlighted, Marketing Collaterals such as ; hand templates, banners and hand-outs, lastly is the Shopify Affiliate Dashboard, where you will able to keep track of the amount of money you earned .

5. Clickbank

Is an online marketplace established in 1998 in San Diego California, that offers digital and some physical goods that allows individuals and businesses to attract customers online. It has affiliate program that enables sellers and product developers to have connection. It not only enables affiliates to earn money, it allows as well vendors to widen their reach and enter into untapped markets. Because Clickbank is a broad marketplace, affiliates has plethora of categories and products to choose to when finding something to promote in their website.

Signing up in Clickback is relatively easy, you just have to click create an account then follow the instruction in filling up fields on the registration page. After signing up, you will set up an account that enables you to use both in promoting or selling products. In terms of their user interface, navigating your way around is a breeze as well, it has a neat and organized layout with clear and headings and titles for each page and category, you can easily navigate even if you are just newbie to the platform.

Unlike other affiliate programs or networks, which require you to go through strict verification process on how you are going to drive traffic and vast experience in the industry, unless you passed the requirements you might get denied. In Clickbank, you just have to create an account and you are good to go. This is a golden opportunity for those who are just starting in the industry as affiliate.

Another cool thing of being an affiliate of Clickbank is that it is probably one in the industry that offers the highest commission as high as % 75. It is also rare in the industry that offers multi-language support like what Clickbank has, which enables affiliates to promote products in four different languages.

Clickbank’s Refund Policy is one of the best features on the part of the customer. Vendors must offer a mandatory 60 days money back guarantee on products they will be selling and it must be no questions asked. This is to give customer a good deal.
When it comes to support, Clickbank provides vendors tools which allow them to tell affiliates about their products, such as; review and testimonials, keywords, images, FAO and product guide. For resolution of any problem support can be reached through phone, Mondays to Fridays from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM MST. Aside from this, Clickbank support page also provides links where you can check your order status, obtain assistance with a download, submit a refund request

With the top 5 Affiliate Marketing Websites and Programs that I just walked you through you can easily have a sustainable legit income online. But it can only be realized if you have a competitive website and technical affiliate marketing skills and knowledge. The question now is that’ Do you have a competitive website, skills and knowledge? If not yet, then, like any other newbie in affiliate marketing you can learn the secret sauce of this kind of business, in this n

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