Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tools

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Affiliate Marketing – being the most popular means of passive income is one of the most sought after job online at this present generation. While it is relative hard and time-consuming it becomes easy with the aid of tools available in the market.

Here are the “ Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Tools “ that keep every marketer on top their game.

1. SemRush – Is an all in one SEO marketing tool that allows affiliate marketers obtain the data they need to keep on top with the competition. It is a powerful competitive analysis tool. It has a capability to spy paid ad campaigns. It enables Affiliate Marketers what their competition is doing. They can investigate what keywords their competitors are targeting. As such they start to craft their profitable campaign.

It also integrates with Google Search Console and Google Analytics allowing users to efficiently track their website performance.

2. Buzzsumo – Is a content research tool with a host of features that allows users to search on the web for content that perform well in the past over the social media platform. It allows users to do research how many times a certain topic has been previously written and what are the most popular articles about that particular topic.

It also allows users to find content that successfully went viral and help users determine what type of content perform well for prospective audience in a particular niche.

3. Grammarly – Is a tool ideal for users who are regularly publishing content on their affiliate websites it serves as spell checker and grammatical errors such as incorrect punctuation usage, as well as plagiarism checker.

It also helps users to identify:

  • Confused prepositions
  • Wordy sentences
  • Overuse of passive voice
  • Lengthy sentences for editing

4. Ahrefs – It is an affiliate marketing competitive analysis and research tool that allows users to track backlinks, keywords, brand mentions and know what their competitors are doing.

It enables users to type in their websites and their closest competitors to see opportunities that they have to create more relevant content. It is the best competitor research and SEO tool available in the market that has the biggest backlink index than any other tool. With this, users can spy on their competitors SEO Strategies, backlinks and keywords.

5. Jaaxy – Is a keyword and research tool that allows users to find the right keywords which is the very foundation of search engine optimization ( SEO ) and consequently propels the users ahead of their competitions.

It provides a lot of features useful to its users; the main feature is its ability to provide accurate data for keyword analysis which include:

  • ·Average Monthly Searches – Monthly searches a keyword gets on the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • · Average Monthly Traffic – If user’s website rank in the page one of SERPs.
  • · Quality Search Results – Number of websites ranked in Google for that particular keyword.

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