The Best Product or Service Guarantee

The best product or service guarantee

What is Product Guarantee?

First and foremost let’s first define what Product or Service Guarantee, means.  Product or Service Guarantee – literally means a formal assurance or promise that a product or service creator or endorser undertakes that certain quality condition of product or service shall be meted or fulfilled.

It is an undertaking that a product or service will be replaced or repaired once it did not met with the expectation of the end users within the specific period of time, and it is called product or service warranty. Generally speaking, product warranty is a type of product or service guarantee.

The difference between product or service guarantee and product or service warranty is that guarantee, means a formal assurance by the product or service creator/endorser that a certain product or service condition shall be fulfilled in terms of quality. While warranty, means a written undertaking by the product or service creator/endorser to replace or repair a product or service if something went wrong within the specified period.

Popular Kinds of Product or Service Guarantees

  • Thirty Days Money-Back Guarantee – Product or service  creators/endorsers ensure customers that they will be satisfied. In an instance that the customers wishe to discontinue using the product or service they will be entitled for refund within 30-day period.
  • Ninety Days Money-Back Guarantee – Customers are encourage by the product or service providers to engage their product for a risk free 90-day period. If for whatever reason the customers are not satisfied with the product or service, they can return the product or service and claim a refund.
  • One-Year Money-Back Guarantee – Product or service providers  encourage customers to try their product or service for the entire year and experiment themselves the result. They express confidence that customers will end up satisfied with their product or service, and for any reason customers end up unsatisfied, they will refund the original price within one year period.
  • Hundred Percent Money-Back Guarantee Plus Keep the Bonuses – Product or service providers entice customers that once they will patronize their product, they will be receiving additional bonus item free of charge. They convey message of confidence that customers will be happy with their product or service and in case customers end up unhappy with their purchase, they can claim refund and keep the add-on bonus item as gift.
  • Prove You Used It Guarantee – Product or service providers, entice customers to try out their product or service and enjoy for a year. If for whatever reason customers end up unsatisfied with the product’s benefits, just return the empty packaging within a year period, and customers will get refund of the original purchase price, shipping and handling not included.
  • Hundred Percent Guaranteed Results – Product or service providers exert efforts to convince customers that their product have been tested and guaranteed to deliver result. They further encourage potential customers that if they will try their product for a certain period and did not get the expected result, they will offer another product or service free of charge until a desired result is achieved.
  • We will Pay You $ 100 Guarantee – Product or service providers promise that after trying their respective product or service, following all the directional guidelines and instruction result in failure to deliver the desired outcome after a certain period, let them know about it and they will do their best to correct the problem and if they can’t fix it, they will refund the original cost of investment and $ 100 in appreciation for having business with them.
  • We Will Make It Up to You Guarantee – Product or service creators / endorsers dare customers that in the event that they receive incorrect order within the shipping timetable they will given a certain amount just to stress out that they are striving for order accuracy.
  • Double Your Money-Back Guarantee – Product or service creators / endorsers, want their customers to be truly satisfied so they brag in offering their customers double money back guarantee, if after exhaustive efforts to fulfil their customers’ satisfaction fail.
  • We Will Pay The Competition Guarantee – Product or service creators / endorsers are very bold in promising customers that in an event that their customers are not fully satisfied with their purchase, they themselves will purchase the competing product or service in the market for their customers of the latter’s choice.

The Best Among Product or Service Guarantees

All of the popular product guarantees which were just mentioned have one end goal and that is to give a promise to the potential customers that they will not regret once they engage in their offer.

One guarantee which was not included in the list is the best product or service guarantee that customers will gain guaranteed satisfaction, this is the exact opposite of those mentioned in the list of popular guarantee. This one offers customers to enjoy the product or service first and purchase latter. This is no other than, Enjoy The Product Free and Purchase Only if Satisfied Guarantee. This kind of guarantee customer is the sure winner, as they are given the privilege to experience the product or service for free of any obligation. Customers themselves are the one to decide for purchase, once they are satisfied with the product or service.

One product well known in industry for offering this kind of guarantee worthy for anybody to give a try can be found in the link here. Try it by yourself and you have nothing to lose you need to make a purchase only once you are convince that this product really works.


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