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  Let Me Unveil To You An “All In One Solution Of Starting An Online Business" To  Have Passive Income

  • First and foremost, welcome to this site. If you land on this page because you are exploring ways to make money online and can’t figure out where and how, you are in the right path.

  • Finding the right path to get started in making online opportunities or starting online business is one of the most challenges that you may encounter.

  • At the moment I presume that you might have tried already investing in some other platforms which promise you fancy things, but what you get was disappointment.

  • Here we will be uncovering legitimate opportunities to have passive income, no promises of quick money scheme, but real hard work to build foundation of real making money online.

  • If you are really serious in wanting to start your own online business to earn money online and have passive income, then you need to buckle down and be ready to pay the necessary effort as there will be no shortcuts and surely enough you will encounter humps along the way.

  • Lucky for you, I already figured out these challenges and hardship during the early part of my online business opportunity exploration and I will not let you pass same route I passed, before I finally discover this so called secret of starting online business which I will be ushering you in the latter part of this blog.

My Brief Story

  • Hi I’m Rhom  from the Philippines, a country where starting an online business is an struggle.
     Despite all of the hardship I was able to get though and finally started my online business.

  • I worked for more than ten years as Security Management Staff in one of the High Rise commercial building in Makati Philippines. Currently, I’m in my 6th year as member of Management Team of Security Department in a Hotel and Casino Resorts in Paranaque Philippines.

  • It only shows that even if you have a full time employment you can still pursue your passion of having an online business goal.
Online Business Solution

    Let's Explore What It Takes To Have Passive Income                

  • Literally there are many ways to have passive income, like investing in real estate, stock market and etc. But that’s not what we will be talking about here.

  • We are talking about an online business that enables you to generate passive income. This is not quick money making scheme, but a tedious process but surely will able you to generate passive income. The reality of this process is that this is an effort first before the benefit.

  • This process may take you months or even years of pure effort before you reap the benefit. The good thing is, once you start to gain traction, your online business may continue to give you passive income 24/ 7 even when you are sleeping or having vacation.

    The Truth About Starting Online Business     

  • In your effort you start online business, there is probability that you would encounter people online whose intention is to scam unwitting would be victim.

  • My case is the very basic example. Before I was able to find legitimate ways to make money online I was victimized several times before I finally found success.

  • Out of those experiences, this Legit Online Incomes Site has come in existence with a mission to help others find legitimate platform on how they can start their own business without experiencing becoming a victim of scammers online.

             The Process Of Starting an Online Business

  • If you want to achieve your goal of having passive income, dive in to the real process of building solid foundation of starting business online.

  •  Avoid being distracted of “Bright Shiny Object” or “To Good To Be True Schemes”

Steps In Starting Online Business

.Web Hosting 

.Domain Name

Build Website

.Find Product To Promote

.Learn Keyword Research

.Create Content 

.Drive Traffic To Your Content

Comprehensive Training


The very first step in creating online business is the web hosting. This is where your entire online asset will be housed. It allows you to build website. It is provided by web hosting providers.

To build a website, the second necessary thing to have is the domain name. This serves as your online business identity as well as your business address. To obtain domain name you have to purchase it from domain registrars.

Website is the focal point of your online presence. This is where you can interact with your customers. Without it you will struggle in the aspect of online business.

Once you have a website up and running, the next thing to do is find a quality product that has affiliate program and promote.

In keyword research you need to know techniques on how to find keywords people are searching for before buying a certain product.

Once you have the product to promote and keywords that people searching for the products, the  next thing to do is to create content in a form of articles, blog or reviews. As the saying goes content is a king.

After creating contents you need to drive traffic to your contents. There are many ways to drive traffic  to your content, such as; Search Engine Optimization (SEO ), Social Media and Email  Marketing 

You can’t just implement the foregoing steps without undergoing comprehensive training. The problem with the training is that you to hop from website to website to avail training for each of the               necessary stuff.

Training alone will not be enough, of course in your online journey you can’t sustain alone. Once, you stuck up along the way if there is no one to consult to, you would probably quit.  You can hardly find  a website that provides training and support all of the necessary steps in “ Starting Your Online  Business “ that will eventually brings you passive income.

Consider yourself lucky as I’m here to deliver you this package which contains “All In Solution Of  Starting Your Online Business”. The good news is that this is absolutely free, no need to enter details of your credit card before you can get started.

  • You might be curious why this stuff is being delivered for free despite of its incredible value. This                     might create suspicion in your mind that this might be another quick rich scheme or scam.

  • This is a real business as I have now. Let me explain to your why this is delivered for free.

  •  Most online product owners offer hundred percent money back guarantee. This one is almost the  exact opposite, meaning you have to use first the product before you pay.

  • If you find the product short of your expectation you are under no obligation to purchase the product. In short you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

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Here's What You Will Get When You Sign Up

  • Upon signing up you will get instant access to online training for starting an online business where you will web hosting which you can start building up to two website for free.

  • You can interact with 1.4 million active community members where you can ask questions whenever you feel stuck on any part of the training.

  • You will be provided keyword research tool which you can in finding the right keyword in creating your content.

 Where To Go From Here

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