Journey To Legitimate Online Incomes

Journey to find WA

As an individual like you who takes long time of research on the internet before finding proven platform to earn legitimate income, I believe it be worthy effort to share my experience and help others who are like me before find what they are really looking on the internet.

Efforts To Find Legitimate Online Incomes

With the advent of so many online products being promoted by different marketers make it so hard for someone new in the business to really find which of them are legitimate. In my case, being bored with my regular job, I was really serious in finding legitimate income online which will take me to my ultimate dream of quitting my job by finding income that will suffice my daily needs without having to worry of maintaining regular job.

Victimized By Program Which Turn Out To be Scam

My eagerness in finding ways to make money online that would replace my regular job income, I was lured into signing up a program called “ Work At Home University “ At first I believe that this program will bring what the promoter has promised, but latter after studying the information in the program, I realized that this program is a total rubbish, it did even have the support to guide how to use the information and to do with the information in the program. Worst of all, the program can no longer be accessed on the internet. Only this time I finally realized that I was victimized by scam artist.

Nearly Sign Up Another Program

Not discourage by being victimized by online scammer, I started looking for legitimate opportunity to make online income, this time I came across with the program called “ Site Built It’’ now Solo Build It” after reading several site’s reviews, You tube testimonials, and reading from cover to cover of the book called “ Affiliate Master Course “ by Ken Envoy, I do believe that this program was legitimate platform for income online. Although convinced that “ Solo Build It “ is a legit one, I still continue on searching online hoping to find something better program. By doing so, I came across another program I will be discussing in the next paragraph which its reviews make me believe a better one.

Signing Up Another Program

While reviewing program called “ Solo Built It “ I came across impressive reviews of another program, this time it was “ Chris Farrel Membership “. After careful study on the reviews and being convinced on the claim of being voted as # 1 Coaching Program by IM Report Card in 2011, culminated me signing up this program. During, the first few weeks of being a member of this program, I was really impressed on the way Chris Farrel teach and his teaching methods. In my third week I was able to have a basic website. After a month of being a member I reached on a dead end as I can no longer move-on further. When, I stuck into the technical part of the aspect of improving my basic website I found no help in getting over where I was stuck upon. Worst thing there was no clear direction on how you can move forward specially on the aspect monetization of your basic website. At this part of being stuck I was forced to quit on my monthly membership.

After Several Tries In Making Online Income Opportunities

Failure at Chris Farrel Membership, program still did not stop me from looking for another program, this time I find “ Affillorama “ . Like the previous programs that I get interested in, I keep on reading several reviews until I signed up for free membership. While being a free member, I was convinced that this program is also legitimate to earn online income, the only problem was its costly up sells until you can reach to the real money making aspect of the program. Because of this aspect hinders me of becoming a paying member.

Finally, Finding The Best Program To Settle In For Good

Despite of several failed attempts joining and reviewing program upon programs of online income opportunities, did not totally killed down my enthusiasm of finding the real one and the best of the best program. Like the other programs that I went through it took me several years of thinking over while reviewing this program whether to join or not to join. I keep a careful study on the reviews and testimonials, anxious of making another mistake of joining program that would cost of wasted time and efforts. This time I make sure to myself that If I would join another program there would no another regret and frustration. Because of my firm conviction and belief that is program is one the best of the best, despite that the country where I came from the Philippines is not qualified for free membership, I joined this program directly Premium. True enough after joining this program directly Premium, I have no regret and I can see that I will settle in this program for good. This program I’m referring to is no other that the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Don’t experienced wasted time efforts and money in searching for legitimate online Income opportunities. Let my experience be yours and join me after I traced out what works and what did not. Join me here.

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