Free Online Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Tool

What is free online keyword research tool?

It is a free online tool or service that an online marketer can use in finding competitive keyword in a certain niche before coming up for a topic in writing an article or any kind of content.

What is keyword search?

It is a word or phrase you enter into a search tool’s search bar or your meta- tags that describe your page, so that when someone types in one or more of those words in their online search your page will be included in the search result.

Why keyword research is so important?

It is important to narrow down your niche so that there is less competition for your page in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is just one factor attributed to achieving high search engine ranking. It also ensures you that any pages you publish online, will be found by people searching for that particular topic on the internet.

Google has its own free keyword research tool to aid you in your search of competitive keywords or phrases in coming up for best topics for your contents. Through keyword search you will be able to determine as to whether or not your keyword has high search volume, meaning many people are searching for that particular topic online. Aside from determining search volume, you will also determine whether your keyword has low competition, meaning there are few pages online competing for that particular keyword.

Aside from Google free keyword research tool, there are also several others that offers free online keyword research tools and services, one of which, that other successful marketers are popularly confessing to be satisfied of using this free keyword research tool , me included, is JAAXY free keyword research tool.


Is founded by Kyle and Carlson, the same persons who owned Wealthy Affiliate. Their long experience combined in the internet marketing industry enables them to come up with this powerful, easy to use and quality driven keyword research tool. In this tool you can have up to 30 searches completely free.

The good features of this tool that stand out from the rest is that there are several features that give you competitive edge which can’t be found in other free keyword search tools. These include the following;

Site Rank

This feature allows you to monitor and track any website rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. You will receive notification once you achieve ranking metrics in Google, which makes it essential for any internet marketers. This enables you to spy your competition. Knowing your competition gives you competitive edge.

Domain Search

With domain search feature in Jaaxy you will be able to uncover a hundred of brandable high quality domain names, which enables you to build valuable domain portfolios.

Niche Research

With Alphabet Soup platform automated to Jaaxy system, it enables you to take any search term or phrase and build alphabetical list and variant from it. From a single search you can generate hundreds of high quality keywords which can be used in SEO and PPC campaigns. With this feature you are going to uncover new niches that no competition.

Affiliate Programs Research

Jaaxy has Affiliate Program search function and data base of more than 15,000 affiliate programs, which make you easier to find a lucrative affiliate opportunities.

Keyword Data

Jaaxy provides you with 99 percent of Search Engine coverage from Google, Yahoo and Bing. It produces you the keyword data you need in split seconds. You can save, share and export all your keyword research activities from this keyword management platform.

Do you want to discover more amazing keyword research features of JAAXY, try it by yourself here.

Or check it out here in my comprehensive review about JAAXY.


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